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  • Mount in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

  • Azat River Gorge

  • Lake Sevan

  • Mountain Eagle

  • Khachkars (Noraduz)

  • Dadivank Monastery (1st century AD)

Our Company was established in 1994 with aim to present the Armenian craftsmen masterworks and tradition in general abroad. In 1998, as a result of fruitful cooperation with Tourism Information Center was established Tourism branch of the company which successfully presented Armenian touristic potential and opportunities.

A professional-quality web site is normally the result of a closely-knit team. TourismArmenia is no exception. The web site is principally operated by Mr. Karen Grigoryan, the chairman of the Tourist Information Center, who also handled the design and graphics creation, technical development of the site and other details. Mr. Frank O'Hara, a Volunteer Advisor from Canadian Executive Service Overseas (CESO) handled the basic organization and development of the site and the editing of the English. Hasmik Movsisyan composed the content and handled the initial translation into English from Armenian and Russian sources.

Most people know that Armenia is a small country. A few know that it is an ancient country. But only few are aware of what an amazing diversity of historical monuments and breathtaking landscape this sunny, beautiful and hospitable country has. The aim of this CD designing is to present the unique historical and cultural wealth of Armenia to possibly wide audience, to serve as a rich source of all kinds of Armenian travel information. You will find airline specials, various accommodation styles, restaurants, transportation, car rental and other useful information for people who wish to make their own travel arrangements. If you want an expert advise on how to make your trip to Armenia most meaningful, as well as how to take advantage of low prices and yet realize good value for the money spent - we'll be glad to assist you. The obvious objective of our CD is to provide authoritative information for people, planning visit to our country. Our wish is to make it quick and easy for travelers to access the information relevant to them. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

We've already developed and run numerous breathtaking tours - cultural, scientific (i.e. architectural, historical, anthropological, archaeological), eco-tours, adventure-biased (mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, horse-riding), Birdwatching and many other specialized options. Our aim is to provide possibly complete panoramic view for visitors arriving to Armenia.

Our team consists of experienced guides with command of English, French, German and Italian, as well as scientists and experts in certain areas of specialized tourism. We also enjoy and share with you time-proven skills of our drivers, cooks and assistants.

We provide wide range of tour packages. Our guests can choose lodging in hotels, B&B's, resorts, or rural cottages. They can choose various options for meal and diets, for traveling alone, with a tiny group of friends or with large team, using buses, minivans, 4WD's or luxury cars.

It is your choice to choose any option - and it will be our privilege to help you to discover the beauty of our country. Make your choice and enjoy the magnificence of Armenia.

Join us! Take the advantage of this!