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  • Mount in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

  • Azat River Gorge

  • Lake Sevan

  • Mountain Eagle

  • Khachkars (Noraduz)

  • Dadivank Monastery (1st century AD)


Armenia is situated in the eastern part of Armenian Plateau bounded north by the Republic of Georgia, east by Azerbaijan Republic, south by Islamic Republic of Iran and west by Turkey.

The southern region of Zangezur is a rough highland with picturesque canyons and valleys, ideal for hikers and wildlife fans. The southernmost area of the country is considered to be Sub-Tropical: while ridges are still receiving last Winter snowfall, in Meghri fruit-trees are in full bloom, and the first vegetables of the season are being picked.

Aragats Mount area, plains of Ashotsk and surroundings of Lake Sevan, the second freshwater highland lake in the world (correspondingly Aragatsotn, Shirak and Gegharkunik provinces) in winter are the most appropriate survival course for those who would like to taste the breathtaking wind chill (20-30 below 0C) before assaulting the North Pole.

The Northeast is land of mounts and forests with fascinating sights equally during winters, springs, summers and autumns - shortly it's an Alpine region with resembling features and opportunities for tourists.