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  • Mount Aragats

  • Khosrov National Park

  • Near Kalavan village

  • Petroglyphs in the mountains Geghama

  • Khosrov National Park

  • Mountains Vardenyants

     Are you a confirmed camper or an enthusiast hiker? Or maybe the only way of rest you admit is to go up the mounts and down the canyons, cross swiftly flowing rivers, put up a tent in a picturesque surroundings, burn fire and sit watching stars, listening to the melody of silence? Or perhaps you are an amateur writer seeking for fresh experiences and new feelings? Have you ever imagined camping in the grounds of an ancient monastery? We are sure you won't like to miss highlights of this ancient country. Our Adventure Tour programs are to make all your bald ideas true. Join us!


Group size:

Our intention is to keep groups small allowing our leaders to provide more personal service to all of our clients, cultivating in this way a friendly atmosphere. Small groups also have less of an impact on the environment.


All our camping programs involve certain physical activity. You don't need to know any special technique, but good physical fitness is necessary. For programs with climbing included, previous experience in such activities is recommended. And in with each program it's certain that you will come back fitter and refreshed both physically and mentally.


For camping programs we offer full board service with catering including dried and tinned food and cereals in combination with local fresh food and fruit. Food for vegetarians can be provided on any trip, but we request you inform us in advance.


We provide general camping and technical equipment. We will give you a detailed list of recommended clothing, footwear and suggested personal equipment, after you have booked. Route Changes: It is possible that a route change could be necessary due to inclement weather or any other cause. This will always be at the discretion of the group leader.

tailored trips:

If you inform us in advance, we would be happy to insert minor changes in the programmed activities or to organize a trip tailored to your needs.

Duration: 10 days/ 9 nights
Start and finish in Yerevan
Accommodation: tents and hotels

Part I

The 1st Day you'll be met at Zvartnots airport and driven to a hotel in Yerevan. Then the serial of excitements will begin with a tour around Yerevan, the magnificent capital of Armenia. If you are visitting Yerevan for the first time, then prepare yourself for fresh and unknown feelings, which you are sure to have driving along the streets of Yerevan. For each street, each corner contains an inimitable or monument. The drinking-fountains in almost all the streets will capture your attention. Your feelings towards Yerevan will grow even higher the moment you see magic Yerevan at night. If you have been to Yerevan before, then get ready to surprising changes in the appearance of the city, for Yerevan has welcomed the 21st century with new hotels, restaurants, theaters, attractions and shopping centers.

The 2nd Day you'll get to Bartsravan village, which is a typical Armenian village. Here, depending on the season, you are sure to taste wild pear, blackberry, and many wild strawberry etc.

The 3rd Day you'll catch the wonderful chance of seeing Kusats - Tatevi Anapat (Tatev Desert) admire the beauty of the surroundings and spend an exciting night in the desert.

The 4th Day you'll visit Tatev monastery (IX c), a mighty defense complex, which underwent considerable destructions from the earthquake of 1931. And having explored the monastery you'll start for enigmatic Karahounj, the ancient astral observatory not far from Sissian, which is much older than more famous Stonehenge in England. Then you'll reach Sissian, and have overnight stop at most convenient Basen Hotel Complex.

The 5th Day will take you through gorge and along the river to fascinating monastic complex of Noravank (XIII-XIV) with the main church of St Karapet (1221-1227) and two-storeyed memorial church of Astvatsatsin (1339), the last work of famous Armenian architect Momik. From here you'll start for the monastery complex of Khor Virap, located just at the slope of Ararat. Here the establisher of Christianity in Armenia Grigor the Enlightener had been kept in confinement for 13-14 years for his faith by the order of the king Tiridates III. Then you'll get back to Yerevan.

Part II

The 6th Day the wind wings of our tour will bring you to the medieval fortress of Amberd (X c.), situated at a height of 2300 m on the slopes of Aragats Mountain. The fortress is inaccessible from three sides because of the rugged cliffs and served as shelter for people at the attacks of the enemy. From here you'll direct your trip to Lake Kari (Stone Lake), located at the height of 3187 m, with icy-cold saltless water and no fish. You'll camp at the lakeside, have a chance to view the spectacular sunrise and sunset.

The 7th Day is given to climbing up the Southern (3840m) and Western Peaks (4080m), descend to the extinct crater (one of 6 largest craters in the world), have an pass unbelievable camping night in the crater.

The 8th Day you'll try your climbing abilities on the way up the Northern Peak (4095m), descend to the cascade of little picturesque waterfalls of fresh drinking-water.

The 9th Day is the day of hiking down to the village of Aragats by a path, running down a bare gorge. Then our trip road will carry you to the monastery of Saghmosavank (XIII century), perching on the edge of precipitous gorge, amazing by compact arrangement of the monuments, clever use of the terrain and well thought-out decorations. The ensemble is famous for its depository of manuscripts. This will be the last point of the tour, after which you'll drive back to Yerevan.

The 10th Day is sure to bring you a large amount of disappointment, as your impressing tour is over, and it is the day of your departure.

For more information or for composing your private tour, please write to us: