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  • Mount in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

  • Azat River Gorge

  • Lake Sevan

  • Mountain Eagle

  • Khachkars (Noraduz)

  • Dadivank Monastery (1st century AD)


Who needs a visa to travel to Armenia?

List of countries whose nationals are unilaterally exempted from the requirement of obtaining a visa.
List of countries, with which Armenia has a visa-free regime according to bilateral and multilateral agreements.

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Airport Facilities

  • At a distance of 12 km from the center of the capital of Armenia, Yerevan
  • Geographically located on the crossroads of the air routes of Europe and Asia and connected through Zvartnots Cargo Center to the railroads network of Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia (TRACECA).
  • Has a transit zone. Provides services of transit and transfer of passengers, including permission for visiting the city as well as hotel services.
  • Handles any type of modern commercial aircraft
  • Provides ATC to 6 major international air routes passing over Armenia - 15000 international flights annually
  • Works round the clock.

Cities with flights from/to Yerevan


Armenian customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation into or exportation from Armenia of items such as firearms, pornographic materials, medication and communication equipment. For export of antiquities and other items, which could be of historical value, such as paintings, carpets or other artisan goods, a special authorization is required in advance from the Armenian Ministry of Culture. It is advisable to contact the Embassy or Consulate of Armenia in the country of your location for specific information regarding customs requirements.

Armenian Embassies, Consulates and Representations
Foreign Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Armenia


Public Transportation

Public transport is cheap. Buses, trolley buses, trams, and taxi-vans with fixed routes work in Yerevan. You can take a taxi on special taxi ranks, make a call for a taxi, or take a passing on. And there is always the underground to help you get around the city. It is open from 06.00 AM till 12.00 PM.

Car Rental

The ones with a driver you can rent from our Car Service - sedan, VIP sedan, 4WD, MiniBus, Bus ...


Armenia is 9 hours later than Eastern Standard and 4 hours later than Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight Savings Time goes into effect from the end of March to the end of September

When it's 5 PM in Armenia (standard time), it is:

6 ARE in Los Angeles
8 ARE in Chicago
9 ARE in New York
2 PM in London
3 PM in Paris
4 PM in Athens
7:30 PM in Bombay and Delhi
9 PM in Tokyo
11 PM in Winter Sydney
1 IS in Summer Sydney


All currencies may be freely imported and exported. Money can be exchanged for local currency at the airports, banks, most hotels and shops during normal opening hours. Travellers' cheques and credit cards are generally accepted. There are exchange 'bank machines' in Yerevan.

The value of the Armenian national currency - Dram (AMD)

The central bank establishes a daily official rate of exchange, and all credit card purchases and banks use it accordingly. Other exchange offices usually offer a slightly higher rate. Where you are determines what kind of a rate you receive. Outside Yerevan, it will be lower.

The US Dollar and Euro is the most used hard currencies in Armenia.

Change: Since there are so many exchange offices around, there is no reason not to use drams at all times. Hang onto your small bills in the regions and at street markets. Merchants may not have the small bills to give you change.

Regular banking hours Banks in Armenia operate under International standards and provide all the necessary services. They are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 16:00 and Saturday from 9:30 to 12:00, closed all day Sunday and on National Holidays. Exchange offices are open to midnight and also operate on public holidays and at weekends.

Wire Transfer, Western Union: Major banks accept wire transfers on your behalf. The cost of the transfer varies, but it is between 2 and 10% of the amount transferred. There is an additional service charge of around $10. Foreigners are freely allowed to transfer in and out money without restriction, as long as it is for the personal use.


International telephone operator 1-05
Telephone Information 1-09
"Yerevan" railway station 1-84
"Zvartnots" International Airport 1-87
"Kilikia" Central bus station 56 53 70
No. 1 Information on Pharmacy 53 45 05
Taxi Enquiry 1-82
Ambulance 1-03
Police Department 1-02
Fire Department 1-01

The Public Emergency Assistance afforded by the State Police can be reached by telephoning 1-83 anywhere in the country on a 24-hour basis.


The visitor to Armenia is served by excellent medical facilities whenever and wherever the need arises. Highly qualified doctors and dentists practice in all specialties. Registered pharmacies are readily available, and over - the - counter pharmaceutical may also be purchased in many department stores, supermarkets, and hotel shops.

In case of an emergency, call "1-03".
For more information, contact: Erebuni Medical Center


Antiques, Carpets, Souvenirs & ...

Much was said about Armenian people… much more is still to be told… much is surprising and much more is unbelievable… But there is one thing accepted by everyone as granted - Armenian people have a sprinkling imagination in handicraft.
There is a small world of handicraft work in Yerevan, where you can find all imaginable and unimaginable, wondering and breathtaking works of neat-handed Armenians, where you can not only see, but also have an opportunity to obtain paintings of unknown (yet) and well-known (already) artists; woodcraft works; golden and silver object, each one a masterpiece in itself; Armenian modern and ancient carpets and many other things. This place is famous with local people. This place is famous with visitors. This place is called Vernisage.
Vernisage, located in the Central Avenue between Hanrapetutyan and Khanjyan streets is active on weekends and holidays.

Mashtotsi Ave. 34, Komitasi Ave. 9,

NOORIE - NOORIE - Armenian souvenir shop
Armenian heritage handicrafts, pendants and other keepsake gifts made of different materials like wood, clay, glass, natural stones and silver. Art galleries, photo pictures, postcards, books and bookmarks, posters and calendars inspired by travels to historical Armenia _ all about Armenia and its people. Here you may also find handmade carpets, cloths and apparels covering national elements, flower compositions, crafts, “Noorie” folk dolls, national musical instruments duduk and shvi, handmade table games and many other selective goods.
All are handmade by the Armenian masters …
18/a Tumanyan str., Yerevan
Working hours: Every day, From 10:00 - 20:00

The Megerian Family has been involved in selling, restoration, and prodaction of fine iriental rugs for over four generations.
The most gratifying part of the entire effort is the admiration one sees in the eyes of the Megerian owner; someone who truly appreciates an original masterpiece that stands apart. Experience the breathtaking beauty of a Megerian yourself.
9 Madoyan St.

Tufenkian handcrafted CARPETS inspired by the traditions and the landscape of our ancient land...Exclusive handmade furniture and interior accessories made of basalt, walnut, iron and steel.
Witness the creation of Tufenkian handcrafted carpets, and feel the unique style of Tufenkian handmade furniture and accessories at the Tufenkian Showroom - Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
48 Hanrapetutyan St.